Monday, October 31, 2011

Concerts are awesome

WOW...It's been a while.
Let's see if I can just get back into the groove one post at a time. How about concerts?

I blogged about being super excited to go to Keith Urban and Journey concerts in August and September...well they were AMAZING!

Keith Urban came waaaay up into the cheap seats and was actually like 4 rows away from us when he gave away a guitar. (Josh was super jealous!)

I didn't get to take that many pictures at this concert because my phone was almost dead. BUT it was one of the best concerts I've been to. It was so cool, the atmosphere was just completely different than any other concert I've been to. It felt like we were all just hanging out.

Then we went to the Journey concert in Memphis. Can I just say that being a fan of Journey is like a life choice for's not a casual thing, and this concert was incredible! Even though is wasn't Steve Perry it was still phenomenal. It was just icing on the cake that we got to see them in Memphis. We showed up early and had some BBQ on Beale Street before the show.

Blues City Cafe is by far the best BBQ I have ever tasted. It's right across the street from B.B. King's place, which is also good...but not this good (in my humble opinion). If you ever visit Beale Street you MUST try'll thank me later.

The concert was a blast! They sang all of the classics and a few new songs. It was great. Josh had such a good time in awe of their guitarist...because he is so good. Josh recorded most of the leads on his phone...and we listen to them all the time haha.

BIGBIGBIG thanks to my bubba who decided he would pay for all three of our tickets AND drive us there. We don't have any pictures with him...because he's elusive like that, but he is pretty much the best Big Bro on the planet.

I'll be back soon with some crafty updates. You won't believe how productive I've been lately!