Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've been crafty...

So, since I took a really long break from this blog I have actually been pretty productive and crafty. Instead of spilling all of my craftiness into one post I think I'll share one project at a time.

We recently had a "Big Day" at my church here in Conway and Mandy and I worked really hard to get the Children's church area decorated with so much cuteness people would just fall in love with it. :-)

We decided that in the crib area of the baby room we needed something on the wall...and since the whole room has a woodland theme, I painted some woodland animals. Now, I am no painter by any stretch of the imagination...but I dabble. And I think these little woodland creatures actually turned out kind of adorable.

 I started out with 4 canvases, but the orange turned out to be a little too I narrowed it down to the snail, owl, and bird

I taped off the background with scotch tape and just painted over it and around my animals to create these patterns. The chevron isn't perfect because I didn't measure it off, but I wanted it to look just a bit hodge podge and homey so it worked perfectly.

 And there you have it, my attempt at cute woodland animal paintings. Not too shabby for an amateur and I doubt the babies sleeping in their crib will judge me too harshly hehe