Wednesday, March 14, 2012

100 projects in 1 year, iPhone edition!

I made this (there's an in depth post over on the Hello Ladies blog) for Project Baby! Working on an owl project inspired me....

So I also made this:

It's an iPhone/iPod cover :-). I made up the pattern on a whim and of course, I didn't write it down. I'm sure I can remember it though. I'm trying to compile all of the patterns that I have made up. My goal is to one day publish a fun pattern book! :-) With lots of pictures, original patterns, and fun stories and tips.

Similar to this book, which I love!!
My best friend bought me this book years ago. It was so fun and it has some really awesome patterns in it.

I have many more projects to share with you!

Be back later!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

100 Projects in 1 Year! Perry the Platypus Project!!!

Well, I've done another project! Which I am really excited about....So I'm going to get right down to it.

First of all, I found this awesome site that has TONS of free patterns...and as I was perusing I found this Perry the Platypus pattern!!! Confession time: I love Phineas and Ferb. My roomie Mandy introduced me to it about 3 years ago when we first lived in a dorm room together, and I llllllove it so much.

This was my first attempt at amigurumi, I'm practicing for another project for Hello Ladies that you will probably see soon on Project Baby! :-)

Here's the link to the pattern I used for Perry.

It was very easy to follow, which I enjoyed because often times I can't follow patterns written by others.

So this is basically all you need, other than your hook. OH! and you will definitely need something to help you keep up with what row you're on. I use a paper clip :-)

I turned on Tango and Cash (one of my fav classic Kurt movies - don't judge me)...and I made all the pieces I needed.





Here he is! Perry the Platypus! :-)

Somehow, I didn't take any pics of his eyes before I attached them, but they are the easiest part.
Also, I didn't add the feet because that was the only part of the pattern that I didn't understand. Honestly, if it hadn't been 1:00am and I wasn't feeling lazy, I could have figured it out. It definitely was operator error and not the pattern.

The pattern also has instructions for his hat! I will be making that sometime soon. I really just wanted to get Perry done and have my first frankenstein amigurumi under my belt.

Now that I made this for my roomie Mandy, I know I'll have to make one for sister Mandy haha because she also has a fierce love of Phineas and Ferb!

yay! I made my first amigurumi and I love it! I'll be making lots more I think :-)

Also, I finished another project, that I posted on the HL blog as a part of Project Baby! It's a cute baby beanie! Go check it out.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

100 Projects in 1 year and Congratulations! has been a crazy couple of weeks including the weekend! I've been working on several cool projects at church and I was 1st A.D. on my friends film a couple of weekends ago. AND my birthday was in there somewhere hehe (on Valentine's Day). :-)

So, I'm working on some projects and I have finished a couple that still have to be photographed. BUT FIRST congratulations are in order...

because my future sis is PREGNANT! I'm so excited, they are going to be awesome parents and this child is going to be adorable. Needless to say, I am really loving the year 2012 I get to become a wifey and an auntie!

So...this brings us to my progress on my 100 projects in one year. I have finished a couple that have yet to be photographed. They're both hats! I'll post pictures of those by next week. 

But in honor of this very exciting news, I'm going to show you a project that isn't quite finished yet! :-)
Just one of many baby related projects I'll be posting, I'm sure.

I'm doing an afghan for baby Deitering! I've been working on it for a while...and if the last 2 weeks hadn't been so crazy I would probably be joining squares tonight. However, I'm finishing up the last two sets of squares.

So, once this is finished, I'll be at 4 our of 100! 
P.S. Check the HL Blog next week because there will be a new feature and an in depth post about this project :-).

Are you being crafty this week?


Monday, January 30, 2012

100 Projects in 1 Year. Week 1: Bleach Pen Shirt

I've decided to challenge myself to do 100 crafty projects in a year. I've basically skipped the month of January...but I think I'll still be able to pull it off. Here goes Week 1.

Week 1: bleach pen shirt

This was SO EASY! Seriously, like children (very careful ones) could even do this. Here is what you need.
1. a shirt that's not white (mine was $3.88 at target)
2. a bleach pen for whites (pretty cheap only about 5 or 6 bucks)
3. some plastic bags (or a piece of cardboard)
4. an old wash rag that you don't mind getting bleach on

I decided to cover my entire shirt with lyrics from Bullet Soul by Switchfoot. Some tutorials you read will tell you to draw the design in chalk first, I didn't do that. I was brave and went straight to work. The gel will bleed into the shirt a little bit so factor that into your design. 

Okay, step one: Put something (I used plastic bags) between the front and back of the shirt so that the bleach doesn't bleed through. Card board, wax paper, or plastic bags will do the trick.

Step two: Draw or write whatever you want on your shirt. Let the bleach sit for a while. You can see the fabric changing colors, so whenever you like what you see it's time for step three
Mine looked like this after I finished writing the lyrics:

Step three: Take the shirt to the sink or the bathtub and wash the gel off. I just put mine under the bathtub faucet and rubbed the gel off with my fingers.

Step four: Then I threw it in the washer with a few towels and hung it up to dry. Putting it in the dryer won't hurt your bleach artwork at all... I just didn't want my shirt to shrink.

Luckily, it's really warm for January and I'm going to wear it tomorrow! YAY I love warm weather.

This is what it looks like now:

Here is a link for another in depth tutorial with a few more pictures. 

Really, the possibilities are endless. I still have some bleach left in the pen so I'm going to be experimenting with it some more. If you try it, I'd love to see what you do! Link to it in the comments!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

adventures in sewing...and a cool tshirt necklace (that did not involve sewing)

It's been a while since I've been here. Honestly, now that I am graduated and still job hunting I really should be better about blogging consistently. So I'm just going to jump back into it today!

My aunt gave me a 1951 Singer Sewing Machine! It is beautiful. I'm really excited to make stuff with it. (Which is a big deal for me, because generally I steer clear of any kind of sew that involves a machine.)

I started making a really simple and cute wallet...of course the bobbin got messed up and I am currently waiting on my mom to fix it because I tried everything I could think of.

Yesterday I wasn't exactly feeling good. So I spent the day cutting up old tshirts and made this necklace that I kinda LOVE! It did take me all day, but I wasn't feeling good and I was just making it up as I went along. There are tons of tutorials for similar necklaces on Pinterest that wouldn't take very long at all. So if you have old tshirts laying around this would be a super cute way to recycle them!

I turned all of these strips into this!

I really love it. I can't wait to go to my parents and find some more tshirts that I never wear :-).

Other than that, I've been looking for work and planning my wedding. It's a crazy wonderful life.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've been crafty...

So, since I took a really long break from this blog I have actually been pretty productive and crafty. Instead of spilling all of my craftiness into one post I think I'll share one project at a time.

We recently had a "Big Day" at my church here in Conway and Mandy and I worked really hard to get the Children's church area decorated with so much cuteness people would just fall in love with it. :-)

We decided that in the crib area of the baby room we needed something on the wall...and since the whole room has a woodland theme, I painted some woodland animals. Now, I am no painter by any stretch of the imagination...but I dabble. And I think these little woodland creatures actually turned out kind of adorable.

 I started out with 4 canvases, but the orange turned out to be a little too I narrowed it down to the snail, owl, and bird

I taped off the background with scotch tape and just painted over it and around my animals to create these patterns. The chevron isn't perfect because I didn't measure it off, but I wanted it to look just a bit hodge podge and homey so it worked perfectly.

 And there you have it, my attempt at cute woodland animal paintings. Not too shabby for an amateur and I doubt the babies sleeping in their crib will judge me too harshly hehe


Monday, October 31, 2011

Concerts are awesome

WOW...It's been a while.
Let's see if I can just get back into the groove one post at a time. How about concerts?

I blogged about being super excited to go to Keith Urban and Journey concerts in August and September...well they were AMAZING!

Keith Urban came waaaay up into the cheap seats and was actually like 4 rows away from us when he gave away a guitar. (Josh was super jealous!)

I didn't get to take that many pictures at this concert because my phone was almost dead. BUT it was one of the best concerts I've been to. It was so cool, the atmosphere was just completely different than any other concert I've been to. It felt like we were all just hanging out.

Then we went to the Journey concert in Memphis. Can I just say that being a fan of Journey is like a life choice for's not a casual thing, and this concert was incredible! Even though is wasn't Steve Perry it was still phenomenal. It was just icing on the cake that we got to see them in Memphis. We showed up early and had some BBQ on Beale Street before the show.

Blues City Cafe is by far the best BBQ I have ever tasted. It's right across the street from B.B. King's place, which is also good...but not this good (in my humble opinion). If you ever visit Beale Street you MUST try'll thank me later.

The concert was a blast! They sang all of the classics and a few new songs. It was great. Josh had such a good time in awe of their guitarist...because he is so good. Josh recorded most of the leads on his phone...and we listen to them all the time haha.

BIGBIGBIG thanks to my bubba who decided he would pay for all three of our tickets AND drive us there. We don't have any pictures with him...because he's elusive like that, but he is pretty much the best Big Bro on the planet.

I'll be back soon with some crafty updates. You won't believe how productive I've been lately!