Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh, hello Society...I remember you.

Goodness gracious, has it been a CRRRRAZY couple of weeks or what?!
Yesterday we wrapped our last day of shooting my senior film.  :-) and what a relief it is. I can finally rejoin society.

I've mentioned it a few times: Danger Jones. His name is Edwin and he thinks he's a spy but he's really just a nerdy kid. On his journey with his best friend Jeeves (Gennie) to defeat the Evil Maximus (the school jock - Max) and win over the Gorgeous Lucille (Max's girlfriend Lucy) he finds that maybe what he was looking for was right beside him all the time.

I was definitely prepared for the stress because I had planned ahead and organized everything out the wazoo...but man! It was still pretty crazy. For the next couple days I'll post some recaps of what happened and for those of you who may or may not be interested in filmmaking I'll share some tips from my experience on the set. I am prepared now and know what I will change to be better prepared for the next movie.

Post production is so much better for my health. Not nearly as much anxiety, the circumstances are a lot more controlled...so my blood pressure should stay at a healthy level haha. If we make it into the UCA festival, Danger Jones should premiere on April 29. If we don't it will definitely premiere on May 6th. I'm so excited.

Also, since the last time I posted, I got a producing internship with Dempsey Film Group. I can't wait til summer so I can get started I have a feeling I'm going to love it there!! So many awesome things are happening all at once it's a lot to take in. I am loving life right now.

So what's new with you?


Monday, February 7, 2011

The best present in the world!!!!

He bought me an iPad!!! I was totally surprised, and at first I was more scared than happy because it costs waaaaaay more than the little spoon ring I asked for. But I got over it after a while. I am so addicted to it!! I've already downloaded 7 books and a zillion apps. In fact I'm blogging with it right now. This afternoon I'm going to make a cute cover for it! It is such the best present ever! I synced it to josh's account so we can share apps and his Netflix :-) I am on cloud 9 and I really don't want to go to class all I wanna do is play with my new toy...which I named krystle jr. By the way :-)

What's the best present you've ever gotten?


Monday Music Inspiration

Okay, so I can't claim to know a lot about this singer because I looked her up because I want to watch a movie about her (I always research the movies based on true stuff). But since I looked her up and listened to some of her music I am so smitten. So today's inspiration comes from Edith Piaf. She's a famous French singer and even if you don't recognize her name you'll probably recognize a few of her songs. (The movie I want to watch is La Vie en Rose - the title of one of her songs) I am desperate to get her on vinyl!

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I hope that you really enjoy this playlist because I do!!


Friday, February 4, 2011

I love .... but not really.

This is a rant post. It's really fun every once in a while. You should try it. To keep it positive I put the phrase "I love that..." in front of all these grievances.

I love winter....

*via weheartit.com keyword: snow*

I love that my professor sent an email about 10 minutes before class started to cancel class...and in the email it said "don't try to make it to class." Um...yea...that's what we were all doing while you were typing that email Ma'am. Send that email an hour early....

*via weheartit.com keyword: snow*

I love that I'm here by myself and all of the groceries we have are for like 4 people.

I love that some people are annoyed with me because no part of me enjoys winter or the snow. (actually, I do love this rant...and yes, I would rather be at school right now.)

Seriously, I feel like this picture.
*via weheartit.com keyword: angry*

I love that first our girls' weekend in Eureka Springs got messed up by the winter weather and then our plan b day trip to Hot Springs got cancelled because of even more winter weather.

I love that I am way better at blogging in the winter than in the summer because obviously I live for summertime.

seriously, it's no comparison.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Soundtrack of My Life...today...

Okay, on November 9, 2009 I made a post called The Soundtrack of My Life...today... and I even put a disclaimer on it saying it would probably change. So, I think it will be fun to do another one just to see how my perspective has changed in the past 2 years. Okay, so here is the Soundtrack of My Life...Today (2/2/2011)

Track 01 - Firework by Katy Perry. When I first heard this song I was so inspired. It really affected me, I kept the music video up on my computer and listened to it every day for a week or two. It has a really powerful message and it's sort of what I want out of life - not to be a little candle in the dark but to be like fireworks against the night sky.

Track 02 - Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot. The chorus is what makes this song part of my soundtrack. 
"Hello hurricane, you're not enough

Hello hurricane, you can't silence my love

I've got doors and windows boarded up
All your dead end fury is not enough
You can't silence my love, my love" 

Track 03 - Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. This is my Josh song for now :-). I know it sounds totally cheesy but I'm just gonna go ahead and say it he stole my heart. You have my permission to be grossed out.

Track 04 - Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap. In my personal opinion this song tells a story even without the words. The music itself is so beautiful. But when you add the lyrics, they're great. They're open for interpretation but to me they really just mean what will be, will be and you've got to just roll with it. It's nice at such a pivotal point in my life when I'm making decisions that will shape the rest of my life to be reminded that life just happens.

Track 05 - These Are the Days by Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs. I only have about 1 1/2 semesters left in college and I am having the time of my life. With my roommate, with my boyfriend, with my family, with my new kitten...I think I'm making memories everyday.

Track 06 - Better Together by Jack Johnson. I think the boy deserves two songs! Let's face it everyone thinks it's better when they're with their other half.

Track 07 - Everlasting Light by the Black Keys. NO, this isn't another sappy tribute to my fantastic boyfriend. It's just one of the songs I listen to when I'm sad because it's so sweet and so optimistic.

Track 08 - Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae. This is just a totally happy and optimistic song. I want to always have a hopeful outlook on life. I like to think Corinne Bailey Rae is singing the song to a friend and encouraging someone. So maybe this is also a tribute to all of my close friends that are always there for me.

Here's a little playlist I made. It has videos too (click the little video box in the top left corner)! Unfortunately, I couldn't find the version of These Are the Days that I wanted...so I had to settle for a less awesome one. Hope you enjoy listening to the soundtrack of my life....for today.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, I don't know if you realize it or not but in 14 days it will be February 14! And I don't know if you realize what February 14 is or not but...........it's my birthday. Also, some people call it Valentine's Day. I haven't really been that excited about my birthday for the last couple years or so. Not really sure why but this year I. am. so. excited!!! My gorgeous boyfriend is going to help me make a spoon ring (something I've wanted to try making for a while)

When we were looking at pictures of them we also saw some pretty awesome fork rings. So we might possibly try making one of those too!

*I know this one's a bracelet...but i like that the tines make a heart!*

He also said he has a surprise present that I get to pick out for myself. So, I'm totally confused. I have no clue what it is and he won't even give me any hints. What a jerk....a sweet jerk. :-)