Friday, July 15, 2011

Bitter sweet end

Ok, can I tell you a secret that's not really a secret?
I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan. By pretty big I mean I've read the books and own almost all of the movies...I don't have HP pajamas and bed spread or anything like that...but I digress. My point is, these book and movies have been a big deal for over ten years! ...and last night was the epic conclusion, the end of it all. So, of course I was there at midnight last night. It was so good, and I feel like I was a part of cinema history because it had to be the biggest opening night ever.

My friend Kyla and her boyfriend and I decided that we had to dress up because it was our last chance...why not?

Kyla was tonks, her boyfriend was going to be Sirius but everyone thought he was fenrir so we just went with it lol and I went as Rita Skeeter.

For those of you unfamiliar with the characters here was my inspiration for Rita Skeeter

She is kind of a hateable character...but she's also so much fun. Everyone loved the costume and complete strangers were asking to take pictures with was so fun.

Haha oh! And we found snape and harry in the we decided to break out our wands (or in my case quill) and snap a quick photo.

And this was us eagerly waiting for the end to begin.

Seriously, it was very epic and I cried...yes, I shed real tears. If you're a fan you have to see it...of course I'm sure you're already planning to see it if you're a fan hehe

Just curious, have you ever dressed up for a movie premier before??

Much love,

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