Wednesday, March 14, 2012

100 projects in 1 year, iPhone edition!

I made this (there's an in depth post over on the Hello Ladies blog) for Project Baby! Working on an owl project inspired me....

So I also made this:

It's an iPhone/iPod cover :-). I made up the pattern on a whim and of course, I didn't write it down. I'm sure I can remember it though. I'm trying to compile all of the patterns that I have made up. My goal is to one day publish a fun pattern book! :-) With lots of pictures, original patterns, and fun stories and tips.

Similar to this book, which I love!!
My best friend bought me this book years ago. It was so fun and it has some really awesome patterns in it.

I have many more projects to share with you!

Be back later!


Clem said...

Those little owls are SO cute!! I especially love that you came up with the pattern (on a whim!), so skilled :)

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Marisol said...

Cute blog :)