Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trying New Things.

So, I sat down today, my first day of this week without homework, and I decided to broaden my crochet horizons. :-) I made a headband, which is really easy because you just make a band and then sew the short ends together. BUT I also learned to make...wait for it...a FLOWER :-))) I am so excited about it. The first one I made was kind of huge. So I found a pattern for a smaller one. Then the pattern didn't work for me. Finally, I just made up my own flower pattern and it turned out really cute. Of course, I just used yarn that was available to me so it isn't all that fashionable BUT if I can do it with crazy yarn, then I can do it with any yarn.

The first flower (like I said kind of huge).

My made up flower :-).

Be crafty and broaden your horizons!

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