Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh October...

I'm finally getting to join Hello Ladies at a craft show. YAY!! I was pretty bummed that I missed the first two shows. BUUUUUT...I've been making some cute crochet headbands. I'm so psyched about wearing/selling them! Tonight I made 5, hopefully by this weekend I'll have at least 10 cute ones to sell. I would love to post some pics but alas, my card reader is still not working. Mandy will get some this weekend though and I can share.

My life is so busy right now...my production class this semester is so intense. But I think that's a nice change from the production classes I've had in the past. We don't even have a real textbook for this class. I kind of love it! I just have to say that September was actually painful for me to get through this year...and I know it's only October 8th but October is the complete opposite. I am loving it and enjoying every second of it so far.

I hope you're all enjoying October as much as I am!


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