Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's a wonderful life.

Just stopping in to chat about my thanksgiving break...
I named the kitten Roxanne, aka Roxy. Mostly because she loves that song...and because roxy is a cute name and she is a cute cat! Thanksgiving was fabulous, I ate too much, saw lots of friends and family, saw Megamind and Tangled. (code: loved them both. hehe)
I was at Winter Wonderland all weekend with Hello Ladies and my boyfriend :-). It wasn't the best show ever, but it wasn't the worst. We've got a year to prepare for the next one now.
I'm super excited because Christmas break is right around the corner. I'm officially finished on the 16th annnnnd Josh bought us tickets for TSO on the 18th. A great way to celebrate my break I think!

I am pretty much just happy about life in general right now. How was your holiday?

xoxo -krackle (and roxy)


Sarah Snarky said...

I went to see Tangled with my little sister about a week ago, and once we were in the car, she goes, "Mom?" and my mom says, "Yeah?" And Shortie says, "I'm never dating a guy with a smolder."

Krystle said...

haha that is too funny.