Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's almost someone's birthday...

I just want to say I haven't been blogging much because my computer is freaking out. I think it's on its last leg...it's sad because I miss blogging but I don't want to just write with no pictures. Hopefully, Mandy and I have found a solution and I can get back to what I miss and love so much.

In other news:
Josh's birthday is on the 20th and I bought him Call of Duty Black Ops. According to him and several teenage boys that makes me the best girlfriend ever. haha
I sent him this pic this morning and he put it on FB about 2 seconds later. I think I'm an extra good girlfriend because I'm not making him wait until his actual birthday to get it haha. I still want to get him something to open on the 20th...I'm thinking:
because this is his man crush and guitar idol. haha I might throw in a homemade carrot cake too we'll see.

I love birthdays!! :-).

OOOOOH!! ANNND he bought us tickets for TSO for my Christmas present. *sigh* I'm in love.

p.s. if all goes well I will be back soon to show you how Santa Certified my house is and some pics of more projects I've been working on.


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