Thursday, March 3, 2011

Danger Jones Recap

First tip for things you need to bring to a a thousand pens/pencils. Because inevitably no one will bring their own and everybody will need one.

We had an awesome first couple of days. I mean unbelievable - as in almost nothing went wrong. It was incredible.

(There were so many people in my tiny house!!)

THEN...we started shooting exteriors. Which, let me tell you, are never easy no matter how prepared you think you are. The important thing is to power through and get the shots.

The best thing to do is try and keep everyone happy on long grueling days so that even if you're way behind schedule at least you're not way behind schedule on a really tense or moody set.

Lucky for us Team Danger was fantastic and devoted. We got 100% out of everybody and did a great job. It was so much fun!

We just finished our first rough cut of the film and the trailer. We're meeting with composers next week! I am so excited to get an epic spy theme composed...


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