Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...making a comeback

I've been gone for so long! This semester has really taken over my life. I started filling out my graduation application over Spring Break and it was nice to realize I only have 7 classes left....and one of them is an internship :-)! <----WHICH I am really excited about! My friend had some connections at Dempsey and got me an interview and they gave me an internship...now I just have to get everything straight with the university. I am so excited about it and hopefully it will turn into a job eventually.

Yesterday was the first day back from Spring Break...and it was ROUGH! I think I did everything wrong. It was pretty bad. I didn't even get home from the lab until 1:30AM...I was so frustrated and tired. The boyfriend called and chatted with me a bit. haha he reminded me I only have 7 classes left to take. He knows just what to say, right? Today will be better...I'm officially out of Spring Break mode now.

I just wanted to check in. I'm getting back in the blogging groove this week I promise. :-)


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