Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't be shy 2011. staying with my parents over the break was nice enough. But the internet isn't the best so I'm finally back at home with reliable internet. 2011 decided to be bold and started with lots of changes. I have one less roommate - long story that I'd rather not talk about...but hey Mandy M and I will still have tons of fun! I'm taking new classes (It's my second to last semester!!) Just bought my books today - over $400.00! Jeeeeez I have 4 books just for one history class. I'm getting ready to shoot my final project in February! So yea...2011 is coming on strong right now. I'm ready...or at least I'm getting ready.

I hope everyone has had lovely holidays and big dreams for 2011. I'll be doing a 2011 goals post soon :-)


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