Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Unofficial Neice...

Baby Bea (AKA Bailey) will be here so soon! My best friend since about the 5th grade is having a precious baby girl very soon. The due date is Jan 29...so we'll see. I'm so excited...and usually I don't get that excited about babies. But I'm so anxious I've already bought/made her a lot of cool stuff. (Ummm...can you imagine what's going to happen when she's actually here??!) So I just want to show you some of the awesome stuff I got her :-):

If you have a child and you've never heard of Rockabye Baby or Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star you should go to itunes, or rhapsody, or whatever your preference for buying music and look them up! It will rock your world. I bought Bea two cd's that are lullaby renditions of Queen and Journey. Can I just say they're amazing!! You can get them super cheap on Amazon.com :-).

Yea...I know what you're all thinking "Whoa Krystle, best present ever!" jkjk you're probably thinking, "Whoa, I have to check this out." But I digress, I'll stop trying to read your mind.

In addition to those two phenomenal gifts (which I was so excited about I gave them to her before the baby shower!) I made a couple of brand spankin new onesies for her - courtesy of the Hello Ladies Sweatshop.

Here's one with a cute frilly collar (3-6 months)

I've got even more ideas for this one and for larger ones like 12 months and up :-)

Here's the other one that I am pretty proud of:
A bee onesie...like Bea :-). I'm pretty proud of my play on words there.

If you wanna see more stuff that we've recently finished in the Hello Ladies Sweatshop you should check out the HL blog!


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