Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last day of Classes! :-)

Okay, I am so excited because it's the last day of classes. I have almost survived (Thanks Jesus!) BUT I can't stay here long because I literally have to go to lab in 5 minutes. I just want to tell you about our Secret Santa with the boys across the hall! It was so much fun, I love giving presents. I drew Josh's name, and through our many crazy times together I learned that if he was a super hero his name would be "The Chemist" and his super power would be flicking bottle caps with deadly force. SO I made him a pin out of a rootbeer bottle cap and modpodged a piece of paper in it that says "The Chemist" with a picture of a beaker and a graduated cylinder. He LOVED it. I love giving presents :-). My present was from Robin, we haven't really spent that much time together but he did an amazing job! A basket - o - goodies!! My personal favorite item is the bag of chai chocolate!!! I can't wait to try it. Anyways this has all gotten me into the Christmas spirit and I've discovered that I desperately NEED not just want but NEED a Jack Johnson Christmas amazing would that be?!? And now I must go because I'm late for lab.

Be crafty!

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