Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happily Surprised.

So, I thought on Sunday night that this week was going to kill me or at least put me in ICU clinging to life by a thread, BUT happily, I was wrong :-). I finished two of my papers, and my early class and lab got cancelled today. So I spent a few hours last night in the library researching one of my papers and when I got back I finished up part 1 of my super secret project. It worked :-) but it looks like a true frankenstein :-( I mean it really is scary...so hopefully I'll improve greatly on part 2. Here's a hint, they comes in pairs. I should be able to work the kinks out in part 2 and then make a real product that I can actually let people see! lol I think one problem is my cheap stiff yarn. But i'd rather practice with it and then spend money on good yarn than mess up and waste a lot of good yarn on an ugly frankenstein. Anyway, I have homework to do so I'll get to it.

My friend from highschool just uploaded this on his facebook and it made me laugh out loud. So I hope you enjoy it with me today! haha

Be crafty (even if you think you don't have time!)

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Hello Ladies said...

That Sign MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD!!!! Love you bunches girl!