Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, I don't know if you realize it or not but in 14 days it will be February 14! And I don't know if you realize what February 14 is or not but...........it's my birthday. Also, some people call it Valentine's Day. I haven't really been that excited about my birthday for the last couple years or so. Not really sure why but this year I. am. so. excited!!! My gorgeous boyfriend is going to help me make a spoon ring (something I've wanted to try making for a while)

When we were looking at pictures of them we also saw some pretty awesome fork rings. So we might possibly try making one of those too!

*I know this one's a bracelet...but i like that the tines make a heart!*

He also said he has a surprise present that I get to pick out for myself. So, I'm totally confused. I have no clue what it is and he won't even give me any hints. What a jerk....a sweet jerk. :-)


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Mandy Deitering said...

i knew you and I were BFF's - I have been wanting to make spoon rings FOREVER too!!!!