Friday, February 4, 2011

I love .... but not really.

This is a rant post. It's really fun every once in a while. You should try it. To keep it positive I put the phrase "I love that..." in front of all these grievances.

I love winter....

*via keyword: snow*

I love that my professor sent an email about 10 minutes before class started to cancel class...and in the email it said "don't try to make it to class." Um...yea...that's what we were all doing while you were typing that email Ma'am. Send that email an hour early....

*via keyword: snow*

I love that I'm here by myself and all of the groceries we have are for like 4 people.

I love that some people are annoyed with me because no part of me enjoys winter or the snow. (actually, I do love this rant...and yes, I would rather be at school right now.)

Seriously, I feel like this picture.
*via keyword: angry*

I love that first our girls' weekend in Eureka Springs got messed up by the winter weather and then our plan b day trip to Hot Springs got cancelled because of even more winter weather.

I love that I am way better at blogging in the winter than in the summer because obviously I live for summertime.

seriously, it's no comparison.


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