Thursday, September 8, 2011

movies, blogs, and beanies. Oh my!

Well, I interviewed my Gram last weekend and we got a lot of good stuff. She was having trouble putting her thoughts in order, but that's perfectly understandable when trying to recall things that happened 75 years ago!

I'm heading to Pine Bluff tomorrow to look for any records that would tell us anything about her family's past before she set out on her journey. I'm pretty excited to see what I can find. Dad's going to join me, he's a pro at this we should have a lot of fun!

If anyone is interested...I have also blogged on the wedding blog and my film/history blog...I rant about 3D - it's interesting.

ALSO, I have made some cute baby beanies...unfortunately I'm having trouble getting the pictures up on the blog. I'll post them as soon as I work out the kinks! I'm getting super excited about the upcoming craft season!!! Lots of goodies to see and sell! :-)

Ok, now I need to go eat something! I can't keep going all day without food haha


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