Friday, September 2, 2011


WARNING: this post is %100 about movies and filmmaking. Proceed with caution.

Just in case your interested, my first post for this "blogging experiment" in my American History through Film class was posted today. The topic was "what is your favorite movie and why" ...and he gives us a word count - which was 500. <---wowza! I usually would never write that much for a blog but oh well.

ALSO! Did I mention earlier that I'm doing an independent study about my grandmother and a tiny piece of her incredible life? I went to visit her today and set up a camera to capture her retelling the stories. She's an extremely mature lady (in her 90's) and she was getting a little frustrated today when she couldn't remember specifics. However, she told me a lot! Annnnnnnd I got to go through her pictures and I found several that were taken during their travels that I will be able to use in the documentary. :-) exciting!! I can't wait to meet with my professor again next week and go over the material. I'm also pretty excited because we discussed the idea of allowing me to write this in the form of a script, which I am waaaay more comfortable with than a historical research paper.

Background info:
In 1937, my gram - 18, her younger sister - 14, and her older brother - 21, left their family in Arkansas and travelled across the country (most of the way without a car) to California, Washington, and Oregon. They went until they ran out of money, then they would stop and find work until they had enough to keep traveling. Ultimately, my gram decided to come home and her brother and sister ended up staying in Oregon. How crazy is that? She is a seriously cool lady, and she has definitely lived her life.

If I can take a moment and be completely honest about my dreams for this project...
I would love to do all of this research and get lots of great footage of my gram right now through this independent study and then find some sort of sponsorship to actually go and retrace her steps. If I'm feeling extremely adventurous I might even try to do some of the things that she and her siblings did. Honest opinion, that would be cool right? I think it would be an intimate look into the depression era. Not just another, "hey everyone was poor, lots of people left home because they had nothing" story, but a personal story with characters. I'm excited about it even if no one else is :-)!

I'm off to enjoy my 4 day weekend! Have a happy Labor Day!


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