Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My life is super busy and awesome. Also, I make baby hats.

My History/Film class is actually pretty fun! We have a blogging assignment and our professor just started what he calls the "postie awards" to the best posts of the week. I'm proud to say I got a Postie this week for my stellar analysis of 3D technology. haha

I didn't finish all of my homework last night...so I'm still working on some tonight. UGH! I am ready for the next 3 months and 3 days to fly by...not that I'm counting down to graduation or anything. hehe I will hopefully get to turn in my graduation application on Thursday or Friday and everything will be official! Now, I just need to find a job.... If I can just be honest, I'm a little nervous. But still confident and optimistic.

Also, while we're sort of on the subject of countdowns...
I'm getting married in 297 days! Practically 296 at this point.

Just in case you didn't already know. I am SO EXCITED!


p.s. I told you I would post some pictures of the baby beanies! Well, here ya go:

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