Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a Week

I will start by apologizing for not posting much this week. I will follow that apology with a breakdown of this week.

MONDAY: Cinema History Paper, Cinema History Quiz, World History Paper
TUESDAY: rough cut of our short film (it's so cute and awesome!)
THURSDAY: Digital Film 1 Paper, American Nation Paper

The highlight of this week is that it's only a four day week, I get to go home Thursday. Then next week is finals week which means it's almost Christmas break! And boy am I ready for that. I need to relax. I think I almost had a breakdown today just thinking about the rest of this week, I was freaking out...I don't know what happened but right now it feels manageable, so I hope I can maintain this peaceful state until about 4 pm Thursday.

In other, much happier news I got 6 chairs this weekend at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for just 75 dollars! I'm so happy, of course my dad (the furniture restoring KING) is going to spruce them up a bit for me. I also got a couple of beds, a couch, and a dishwasher for free from my auntie! I love my family they're so supportive. Can't wait to move in!!!

The Etsy shop is officially stocked with cool Hello Ladies merch! I hope you all buy sweet handmade presents for your friends and family this Christmas :-)

Be crafty! (and pray that I survive this week)

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