Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello, I'm engaged!

Sooooo...last Friday was a huge day in the life and times of yours truly! Josh proposed to me! It was sweet and romantic and low key. Apparently he had some elaborate plans that didn't work out and I am super happy because I love that it was private :-). I was sitting in his room with my back turned to him and when I turned around - there he was arms outstretched - ring in hand. And he said "Krystle, will you marry me?" to which I replied "Are you serious?!" and once we established that he was serious I, of course, said yes. :-) my ring is beautiful. It is currently being resized by an amazing jeweler and I can't wait to get it back and show it off.

So yay!! I will be posting lots of fun exciting wedding planning posts now!
And by the way I have never been so happy/excited in my life! :-) can't stop smiling.



Krystal said...

woo hoo!congrats, beautiful ring!

nova said...