Monday, August 29, 2011

not the start i was hoping for

well, I can't say that I've had the best start ever to my last semester. I have already finished an assignment like 3 days late. And my professor sent me two snarky emails, thanks but you don't scare me that much I practically live in the film department where everyone acts like that.
The assignment actually has the potential to be really cool. We had to start a film blog for the class. I don't know how many free writing posts we'll have or how many he will tell us what we have to write about but it should be interesting! It took me a while because I temporarily misplaced the 14, yes you can count them 14 pages he passed out in class. AND my school email was reset and no longer forwarded to my actual email account so I wasn't even receiving his snarky emails. hehe...I have fixed the problem. here's the link to my history through film case you're interested :-)

Also, my production management class is so intense! We have to shoot 10 weekends in a row. It's only 5 hours per weekend...and I'm hoping that we're all friends in the class and we work around everyone's schedule. Because I don't want to be missing important things. It's my last semester of college....I just want to get it over with. I just wanted it to be easy! Doesn't look like that wish is going to come true.

Oh well. I'll survive.


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