Tuesday, April 20, 2010

all about college

Oh my goodness. I haven't been on the internet just for fun in soooo long. Wow. I've been checking emails and sending emails and writing papers and resumes and "vita" I'm applying for an internship at the Wilson History & Research Center :-) There are 3 awesome things about this internship:
1. I would be working at the Military Headgear Museum 
2. It is a paid, full-time internship
3. I would have more than enough hours to get credit for Film AND History
I've been doing some thinking since last week and I'm seriously considering going for a double major. I think it would only be 1 more semester and since I already expected to graduate in spring 2012 it doesn't really hurt me that much.
I also found out that since Arkansas passed the lottery I have $5,000 a year available to me now because I have a 3.9 GPA. WHAT??!? I'm not gonna lie, I totally voted for the lotto to pass because I was hoping to get some of that money for college.

So far, I'm having a pretty amazing week. I hope you are too. I'll come back with a pretty post and some pretty pictures I promise.


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