Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I just want to share this

Okay, just a quick note before I take a short nap and finish this assignment. I'm writing my research paper about the portrayal of women in advertisements from the 1950's through 1980...and let me tell you, it is so much fun to write papers about things that you actually have an opinion on. I'm going to have 10 pages dripping with sarcasm. I really hope my professor doesn't rip me apart for it. But seriously, I don't think it's necessary to use a voluptuous woman in a swimsuit to sell mens' shaving cream. And that's only the start. If you haven't seen this or heard of Jean Kilbourne you should totally netflix Killing Us Softly and it's sequel Still Killing Us Softly (unoriginal title but amazing doc). It's a documentary about women and advertising...it will blow your mind. I can't believe I don't own it, but I've seen the first one twice. I can't believe I'm so digging writing a paper, I mean I wouldn't call it having fun...but I'll totally keep a copy of it when it's finished. Okay, don't judge me for anything I just said at least not until you've seen the documentaries I mentioned. I only wanted to share because I think it's so interesting :-).

Love ya!


Jerskuh said...

Awh Krystle...I love you. I especially love the fact that you're writing a paper for a grade that is dripping with sarcasm. I've done a few of those in my day. :P

Mama Ventura said...

That documentary sounds really interesting. I am going to see if I can reserve it from my library.