Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Coffee Table Project Update

Hello there, Krystle here.
Well, after a few weeks of not even touching the coffee table, I have begun it's renovation :-).
I'm almost finished getting the magazines stuck on the tabletop and from there it's just layer after layer of varnish. I've been looking for other decoupage tables for inspiration and since I don't have any pics of my table as of yet (I loaned my camera to my big bubba for the weekend) I will share my inspiration with you!

Here's one from Bombus

Comic side table

and this one from ShelleyKayCullen

My old kitchen table~

and this one by blottedcopybook

My latest not-quite-finished craft project

My decoupage style is a little more messy and random than these photos. Of, course that statement applies to more than just my decoupage style ha. But, that's the story of my life. I'll have pictures of the finished project as soon as I get my camera back :-).

Be crafty!

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