Monday, November 2, 2009

It's going to be a good week.

First of all I want to say Happy Birthday to the lovely Jessica! Today is her birthday and I'm not around to give her a present BUT hopefully, I'll have one the next time I see her! Love you Jess :-).

Saline-O-Ween was a lot of fun! I enjoyed hanging out with the ladies! Plus Josh...he came to literally hold down the fort. It was sooo windy. It wasn't quite the turn out that we were hoping for but it was a beautiful sunny day and we sold a lot of earrings and button rings. I sold my only finished pair of fingerless gloves about 15 minutes after I put them on the table. I'm putting the finishing touches on another pair for someone in our church. They're looking pretty good maybe I'll have pictures later. I'm also going to make a Yarn run today because I'm tired of the 3 colors I have and I'm running out. I think I'm going to look for some cool teal and maybe some wintery/Christmasy colors. Miss Windy loaned me a couple of books and I'm going crazy. I'm so excited to start some new patterns. Thanks Miss Windy!! This is going to be a good week and I'm just gonna get crafty as much as possible. You should too!

Be crafty!

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