Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 29 of 30 days of me

In this past month what have you learned?

I think I'm supposed to tell you what I've learned about myself this past month through doing this challenge...but I think I kind of answered that on Day 27...and I totally blew the challenge by not finishing in 30 days...:-(. I have still learned a lot this past I'm going to share some random things that I've learned.

1. I re-taught myself all the lyrics to the song "Word Up"
2. I learned to crochet sweet mary jane house shoes (still tweaking them though...)
3. Taking on cake projects during school might be biting off a little more than I can chew...
4. I realized I have more friends in the filmmaking department than I thought. (which makes me really happy)
5. I have to make some pretty major decisions that will affect how long I stay in college...I am not looking forward to making those decisions either...
6. I always hate spending money on gas or groceries...but i don't think twice about spending money on presents for my friends (specifically the boyfriend hehe)
7. Telling a story visually requires a lot more effort than I ever really thought about
8. When I'm stressed out spending time with my friends is an awesome way to decompress.
9. It is impossible to take a nap with our puppy Ms. Dinkus in the room.
10. Even though I love popping in my headphones and jamming to some random music on my way to class, I notice a lot more about my surroundings when I forget my ipod and have to walk to class musicless.

So there ya go :-)...just a few things I learned this month.


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