Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I like to read...

I made something super cute tonight...unfortunately it is extremely hard to photograph. I will be trying to get a photo all night though...rest assured because it will be too cute to handle!

I haven't been able to write a lot lately and I feel like I've only been doing the 30 days of me challenge. So here's a little about what's been going on. Last Thursday I checked a book out of the library called "The year the music changed." 

It was so good! I  didn't expect to like it. It's a fictional story involving Elvis Presley who I am in love with. It is presented in the form of letters. Elvis and a young woman are writing each other and she gives him grammar lessons. I know it doesn't sound that fabulous right? BUT I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!! I read the whole thing in about 5 hours. I was up til 1am because I just had to finish it. 

I'm about to start reading a book about the 1967 Best Picture nominees and what they said about the changing culture of that time. 
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It's pretty interesting and just my cup of tea :-).

My boyfriend and my best friend's (they're brother and sister) grandmother passed away on Sunday. It's sad but at the same time it's happy because she was suffering in the end. Now she doesn't have to be trapped in her old body anymore. It's nice to think of her rejuvenated and pain free. I only met her once and we played Sorry for about 3 hours. She was so sweet and happy. My prayers are with the family.

I hope you're all having a happy week :-).
bye for now lovelies!

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