Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pessimists are never happy.

Well, I made it out of Conway before the storm I got stuck with my parents at their house. I was pretty happy about it. :-)

We had this on Saturday morning. It wasn't much snow, just a thin layer over ice. However, dad scraped the snow off of all three of our vehicles so that mom and I could make Snow Ice Cream. I personally, think it was our best batch everrrr! So delicious. I truly am heartbroken that Josh can't eat ice cream and even if he could he's not a big fan of sweets...because he missed out big time on this year's snow ice cream.

I ventured outside to stick my toes in the snow...for about 2 seconds, then I went back inside to watch my shows in the DVR and knit. Yes, knit because I left my crochet hooks at school...:-( sad day.


I must say, I had a pretty fantastic day today. It was a lot better than I expected it to be. That'll teach me not to be a pessimist. I'm excited about this week because Wednesday I have an eye appointment. Hopefully, I'll get to order some new glasses. I know I need glasses, because I'm supposed to be wearing them now...but I lost them and I'm pretty sure my prescription changed. Sooo, here are some pics of glasses. I'm so not cool enough to look stylish in glasses like these beauties...but I like to pretend that I am so I don't feel foolish when I wear them.



*found on keyword: glasses* If anyone knows the original sources let me know. Thanks!
Well, here's hoping everyone has a fabulous week. Much love :-)

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Mandy Deitering said...

LOVE the glasses and you are SOOO cool enough to pull those off :) Love ya bunches!