Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today, I wish it was summer. Really, everyday I wish it was summer. I live for those 3-4 months of summer. I don't have any scientific proof but I will testify...I am noticeably happier in the summertime. lol Anyways, when I start missing my favorite season, I start to look through my pictures and it makes me happy.  I think in my bedroom, I'm going to have a wall of summertime pictures to put me in a good mood. Here are a few 2009 summer pictures that I love:

This pic is DEFINITELY going to hang in my house soon!

 From our most recent trip to Florida. I can't claim this, Josh took it :-)

In case you can't read this it says "KRAP." ...long story.

This boy came to visit me last night.
It made me sooo happy. Mandy and Brand came too. I was excited; I got to show Mandy around the house...it took all of about 30 seconds because there's not that much to show. Brand worked on my furnace. Unfortunately, he didn't get it done. (Secretly that makes me a little happy though, because maybe they'll make another trip up here :-) I love getting visits in Conway. I can't wait to get moved in...I dreamed about it last night. Josh is getting ready to put tile in my kitchen and bathrooms...what a great boyfriend! He's my hero. Well, I'm headed to Wal-mart with my roomies. I'll be back later hopefully with a finished project to show off. Here's a summertime playlist for your inspiration :-)

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Oh P.S. I'm buying some headphones while we're out so my DIY will be on the HL blog extremely soon!

Be crafty!

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