Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello Real World, I'm back... has been a crazy week. Lauren's wedding was beautiful. Everything went so smoothly...UNTIL it was time for pictures. The photographer that they paid an insane amount of money to take beautiful pictures on her wedding day...didn't show up. I'm not saying he was late...I'm saying he wasn't there at all. As it turns out, he had her wedding booked for the 15 instead of the 8th. Fortunately, one of the ladies that delivered the flowers was a photographer and we had a professional grade camera on hand. So hopefully, there will be some beautiful pictures.

My dad and I are at the house right now. I'm almost finished painting my room, and he's almost finished patching my bathroom wall. (long story...) We're getting a lot done. Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have a freshly painted room complete with furniture. AND all my belongings put away. OOOH and groceries in the fridge lol. I'll prolly actually start living here next week.

I'm so excited because Friday, Mandy and I are going to Austin TX for Renegade!!! I can't wait. We're going to have so much funnnnn! I'm going to buy yarn this week so we can crochet on the way there. Lucky for us, her hubby is going to be our chauffeur :-).

I hope everyone is having a fun week. I'm going to be writing lots of pen pal letters this week. I can finally sit down and write.

Love :-)


Krystal said...

Oh no! I'm not even engaged yet but the no-show photographer mention just gave me major anxiety. I hope she gets all her $$ back and they can do an after wedding photo shoot or something, right!? :)

SarahD. said...

that is seriously like my worst nightmare! my photographer not showing up to my wedding. i would kill him(in my mind)!! im glad it went well though for the rest of it! :)

Mandy Deitering said...

we are seriously going to have SOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!! I can hardly wait!