Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 2010, I love you.

The last few weeks have been fantastic! I knew May would bring me some happiness and relaxation. It was totally worth fighting through that last semester.

Well yesterday was total bliss. Chinese food for lunch and top model marathon all day. Then we finished the underworld trilogy last night with some homemade cheese dip :-). It was fantastic!

I wasn't a complete bum all day long. I did finish a hat. Well almost finished, I want to add some straps.

I also did a headband and started another hat that's yellow and green. :-). I'm gonna make a few flowers to turn into hair clips too! I'm am super psyched about Hello Ladies participation at the Little Rock River Market. woo hoo! I'm trying to boost my inventory for fall too so I won't be crocheting my fingers to the bone and neglecting my homework. Hence the hats...

OMG and when we went for chinese we saw this...
I would like to direct your attention to the round object clipped to his pocket. I know what this is because of my beautiful across the hall neighbor, Alex. He also had one. You see, Alex loves Pokemon and he acquired a pokewalker that you clip on your pants and it counts your steps so you can get more points and get new pokemon related goodies. So now that you know...please enjoy the grown man complete with his professional attire, wearing his pokewalker. haha and yes I had to be a total creeper to take this pic with my phone.

p.s. this is the only pic josh and i took on our stroll along the Big Dam Bridge this weekend. lol

I hope y'all enjoy the small funny things in life today :-).

Happy Wednesday!


Lindsay said...

hahahaha creeper, I would have taken a pic too!!!!

Jerskuh said...

Ok, this is what a nerd I am: I was looking at the fact that his glass is practically perfectly in line with the pole and how that's interesting. I never even noticed the Pokewalker until I read on! haha.