Sunday, August 15, 2010

4 simple goals before 2011

So, Elsie, a little lovely that I blog stalk began a project called 4 simple goals. I'm so in! I have way more than 4 things that I need to accomplish before this year is over...but I like keeping it simple. If you want to join in on the fun check out her post with the guidelines :-).

Beginning my junior year of college I'm not going to be ignorant and expect this semester to be any easier. I desperately want to organize my school related business so I have fewer nervous breakdowns this year :-).

Another of my ultimate goals is to find cheap ways to cook at least once or twice a week. (real meals not just grilled cheese lol) I love cooking but my income is not conducive to buying groceries. I dread the grocery store check out because my account takes overdraft charges from another account my parents manage. haha I'm not worried they'll be mad, I suppose I could be spending money on worse things right? I just don't like feeling as if I'm a huge vacuum attached to their wallet.

Simple goal number 3: to make my new house feel more like a new home. I think I can start by hanging pictures in my bedroom and hallway  I know every wall doesn't HAVE to have something on it but I have never had a nice well lit hallway before and I want to take full advantage of it :-).

My last simple goal is writing down all of the movie ideas that pop into my head. On the long drive home from Oklahoma last week I thought of so many cool ideas for both documentaries and fiction films. EXCITING :-). Perhaps I'll start carrying a sweet looking notebook with me everywhere just for those thoughts.

I can't wait to accomplish these and celebrate!!

I hope you all plan on having a fantastic week because I do :-). Excuse me while I go prepare for craft night tomorrow it will be fan-craftin-tastic. Do you like that word? I just made it up...


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