Monday, August 23, 2010

Do you remember when....

I said one of my 4 simple goals was to make this new house feel more like a new home...
I hung some pictures in my room that are super dear to my heart. One is the picture that Josh drew for me I ♥ it so much. :-) just looking at it makes me happy.

The other is a print that I bought from Elsie at Renegade in Austin. Looking at it reminds me that a) I love pandas. b) that was pretty much the best weekend ever. c) i think i have a tiny girl crush on elsie. lol

so this is officially my favorite wall :-)
So, to reward myself (because I also put some pictures on the fridge and in the hallway pics of that to come later!!) I found a new hairstylist :-). He's affordable and really nice! Today I just got my hair cut, but when I asked him how much he would charge to touch up my roots (because they're terrible) he said $65!!! WHAAAAT??? I used to pay $95! I immediately booked an appointment for next month. I think we are going to have a good relationship, Kevin and I. I'm loving these simple goals.


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