Tuesday, August 24, 2010

day 6 of 30 days of me.

Favorite superhero and why.

Okay, since I was a kid I have always ALWAYS been about Batman. ANNND for a kid I had a pretty awesome reason too. I liked Batman because he was a normal guy doing awesome stuff. He wasn't perfect. He didn't get bit by some radioactive spider or come from another planet or have gamma poisoning. He was troubled and he had a lot of baggage that he had to deal with. Granted, Batman had some trouble in his career distinguishing between right and wrong but I have always been a fan because, other than the fact that he was filthy rich, he was an average guy doing superhero worthy things :-). 

I just gave everyone a sneak peek of how much of a true nerd I am...haha who is your favorite superhero.


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LivKit said...

haha... My Fave is BatMan too.. and I always caps the M Idk why haha. Again scary how alike we tend to be..