Wednesday, August 11, 2010

big weekend, big changes

Crazy, crazy times here. While I was visiting Mandy, my beautiful boys (boyfriend, brother, dad, and brother's friend) finally put tile down in my kitchen. OHMYGOODNESS it is so fabulous!

Seriously, appreciate your good quality floors if you have them. This whole house was nasty brown stained/textured concrete...impossible to sweep or mop or vacuum. Now I have wood and tile except in my bathrooms and their day is coming soon!

I am so happy it got done because next Monday I'm starting a small group at my house :-). It's a craft night of course. I'm excited because 1. CPC Conway is new and exciting and 2. because I'll get to craft with some of my good friends and some new friends as well. It is going to be super fun and cute.

I had an outrageous good time with Mandy and her family! We stopped at Pops on Rt. 66 and I got an orange cream soda. It was fabulous. This giant coke bottle lights up different colors at night. It's pretty cool!

We, of course, went to the movies...several times! One theater we went to in Bricktown....O.M.G. it was so spectacular. The curtains opened for the movie and they played some grand music. It felt like a real event I was in love. I tried my best to put together a panoramic view. Here it is...

ANNND this is our sweet little puppy Lillian Gaga Dinkus. Who, I will be calling various forms of the name Dinkus haha. I took a Hello Ladies bow for her to try on and guess what...she hated it. BUT, she loves taking pictures hehe. 

I can see HL doggie accessories in the near future...
Isn't she lovely. :-)

I hope you have had a lovely summer so far.


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