Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's been a typical tuesday.

Today, I have tried to be productive...my success was marginal. I started a really cool scarf out of this new pattern I'm teaching myself...Don't be fooled though, I did most of that last night. So it doesn't count for today's productiveness.

Then this morning, I woke up and did all my homework that I was supposed to finish last night. So that counts as productive, especially since I did it in about an hour :-).

*found via weheartit.com key word notebook*

Now, I am working on my script for a film I need to start shooting very very soon. I'm having group issues at the moment because there are just too many people trying to be involved. I want a small crew and I never thought that would be the cause of my stress...go figure. I'm getting it worked out though, hopefully, with the help of my professor.

Oh! I'm also really excited about this:

Mandy (LOVE YOU) gave me this clover pompopm maker! I am in love. It will make my hat making process so much easier/faster.

Okay, I'll be back later with some inspiration. I'm thinking of making home decor inspiration a weekly post here...mostly because I'm totally obsessed with it at this point in my life. So, I have lots of pretty pictures in my inspiration folder to share with you :-). We'll see.

Love you!

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Mandy Deitering said...

:) I love my pom pom maker tooo. Although it makes the biggest pompoms EVER!!! :) I love the scarf!