Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time for a little decoration inspiration

So I'm really excited about sharing this. I know that by now you all know I'm so consumed with decorating/furnishing my new house and finally getting moved in and actually settling in one place for a while. (I'm so tired of living out of my duffle bag of clothes that I carry from school to my parents and back!) But something you may NOT know, is that I am obsessed with picture frames!! I have a huge folder on my computer of pictures that I want to print and hang somewhere in my house :-) Here are some walls that really make me excited about hanging pictures

I love the different colors and sizes

And I would love to incorporate a cool vinyl wall decal too!

Mixing round/oval frames and rectangles is so neat


This fits together it almost looks like one huge frame :-)


Honestly, I'll take this entire room. I love it! And my floors look very similar.

*All images found via keyword "frames"*

P.S. I'm really starting to pull this film together! It's exciting. I'm really pumped. We had filmmaker Ivan Rodgers here today and he talked about his experiences it was really cool. I'm excited about my chosen profession haha!

Love yous guys


Mandy Deitering said...

I.... LOVE....the .... TREE pic! OMGoodness! love it!

Krystle said...

Don't you!! I'm so excited to try it out

rachel! said...

they all look amazing.

belleandboo said...

these are brilliant I just framed loads of pics so that's great timing