Monday, February 15, 2010

A Little Home Decor Inspiration

Well, I'm still really excited about my birthday presents from kitkat. So of course, I've been looking up home decor all day! I've also been working on some friendship posts...coming soon :-) They're so much fun. BUT that's beside the point. My dad had a little painting mishap in my kitchen so we have to repaint the whole thing. I'm unsecretly happy about this though because my kitchen was this awful color between peach and yellow and orange...gross. I have already picked my tiles out they're sort of orange and then some gray-ish green-ish ones. Now that I can repaint, I might switch the orange-y ones :-) exciting. Anyway, here are a few kitchens that inspired me from

White walls perhaps?

 OR stripes! (my fav)


 I also am really desperate to get one of these (both found here):



I love pretty wooden cutting boards, and they're a great way to cover up not-so-attractive yellow counter tops.

That's all for now. I must do some homework...I'll be back tomorrow with a super duper fun friendship post. I am REALLY excited about it. You'll see why tomorrow.

Be crafty!

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