Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet Memories :-)

Hello everyone!
I am so excited for Valentine's Day and my birthday! I wanted to share some sweet memories with you all.

This is what Josh gave me on our first Valentine's Day as an official couple. He welded a sculpture of Elvis Presley out of old car parts. He even put lights in it and everything. It's like my prized possession.

We also went to a Valentine's Day party at Lauren's church. (We actually went to celebrate Andy proposing to Lauren but she wasn't aware that was the reason :-)

 The year before we weren't actually dating but Josh bought me this Jack Johnson cd:


And a fishing pole. He even made a green construction paper heart that said KRAP (Krystle Rochelle Aloicious Payne --not my real name. Long story) on the front and then on the back it said "You're neat" or something like that and attached it to the hook. I tried to save it but I'm pretty sure my dad threw it away by accident. It was super sweet. I screamed and jumped around when I unwrapped the Jack Johnson cd. It's the fastest way to my heart. :-) 

For no special reason, Josh made me this one day:

It has the lyrics to a Keith Urban song all over it, for those of you who might not listen to country music. I was so excited! I draw him pictures all the time but they're so childish...he totally blew mine out of the water.

 Annnnd one of my favorite memories was when we went to the U2 concert in October :-)! It may not be one of his favorite memories because he isn't a HUGE fan like I am...but I loved it.


Just a few memories that are always nice to think of around Valentine's Day :-)!
Happy almost Valentine's Day everyone!

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Mandy Deitering said...

So sweet - it's nice to know my brother can be nice sometimes :)