Wednesday, June 2, 2010

it's been a while

I had a vey eventful memorial day weekend. Lots of hanging out with friends. Friday a cookout with Josh's co-worker, Saturday was a house warming party where I got LOTS of fabulous goodies

then UFC fight night. (a little disappointed that Rampage lost...not gonna lie.) Sunday we had an XS Youth pool party and a Variety Show prep meeting. Monday we went to the lake for a was eventful to say the least. Yesterday I had lunch with Steph and my cousin :-). Then Josh and I bought him a wig for his role in the Variety Show.

And then we went to see Prince of Persia...I wasn't disappointed. It was pretty good as far as exciting action disney movies go. lol It had a great ending too. I didn't see it coming. I love when I don't know how a movie is going to end. Usually, I figure it out before but not with this one. I was shocked in a happy way :-)

Tonight I'm shooting 4 or 5 filler commercials for the Variety Show. It's a fundraiser our youth present to raise money for church camp. My contribution is funny shorts to fill in between acts. :-) I'm pretty excited about some of them. I promise I'll show them to you when we finish.

Here's one from a previous Variety Show...either 2008 or 2009... enjoy :-)

Two Jerks at a Concession Stand

XS | MySpace Music Videos

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