Friday, June 4, 2010

Spread a bit thin...

I feel like I'm stretching my boundaries a little. I thought last weekend was busy...and I'm looking at this coming weekend...yeeeea. My roomie Mandy is coming to Conway tomorrow. Which I am SOO excited about. We have been apart for far too long! I can't wait to see her! I am also going to other Mandy's tomorrow to help prepare for our first day at the river market! EXCITING!! I've made a few hair bows and some headbands and 2 necklaces that I'm excited about. I wish it was fall so I could showcase a few of my hats. (the hats are my fav.) Saturday I'm working the morning shift at the rivermarket (holy moly we have to get up at 4am!!) Then Saturday afternoon/night I'm going to spend as much time as possible with Steph because she's leaving on Sunday morning to go back to Baton Rouge :-(. I miss her already. Sunday, things should slow down a bit, unless I'm forgetting something. OH! More filming for Variety Show 2010 shorts. haha how could I forget that??

So I hope y'all are gonna have awesome weekends as well :-)



Lindsay said...

those rings are sooo cute!! good luck on your busy weekend!!!

Mama Ventura said...

Those rings are freaking Fabulous!!! You just let me know if you need any product testers/testimonials haha! Is river market a craft show or just and open air market? Portland has one every weekend and it was so awesome.
Have fun!