Monday, June 28, 2010

I have a confession to make...I'm an addict.

Here are a few things I'm totally uncontrollably addicted to right now.

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. - Um...I watched like 47 episodes the other day and it wasn't because there was nothing else on tv...I think I love Rob.

Hehe the Rob Dyrdek and Ken Block Gymkhana episode (below) is totally one of my favs!!
My bible - I love it for many reasons. 1: It's so cute! 2: it has a pocket 3: it has big margins on the sides for making notes...I doodle lots of pictures there though hehe 4: I never ever ever get tired of reading it. Today I totally lost track of time and spent like 2 1/2 hours with it.

Mythbusters -  I wish I was on this show!!! It is so much fun. I seriously cannot not watch it if it's on tv. I mean unless rob is on and then it's a toss up...haha
Adam and Tori are my favs :-) *source*
To The Sea - I am so addicted to Jack Johnson's newest album. But I've been addicted to everything Jack Johnson since about the 7th grade.

Walks in the park - I am addicted to going to the walking/biking trail close to my house. I'm probably going to go as soon as I get this posted.

My safety pin bracelet - I told Mandy I wasn't too attached to not sell it...but the more I wear it...............the less I want to let go of it!! I'm making more...perhaps we won't have to come to that.

The Percy Jackson books - don't judge me. I think they're cute and a total escape from reality without any heavy subconscious meaning. Sometimes it's nice to read a light hearted book that you're positive has a happy ending. I'm on the last book, but it isn't out in paperback just I've been going to Hastings and reading like 75 - 100 pages at a time in the store so I don't have to buy the Hard cover edition...I'm cheap...and I need to go get a library card haha.

Okay...that's enough. What are some things you're addicted to right now??


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