Friday, June 25, 2010

Odds and Ends

I have a few odds and ends that I've been wanting to share. Put them all together and I have one random blog post for you :-). Now that I'm looking at's not that random...they all have a common theme. lol some Hello Ladies merch I've worked on.

1. I made this Hot Air Balloon onsie (I am obsessed with them remember) and it finally sold at the river market a couple Saturdays ago. I am so excited to make some more!!
2. I also finished this one (technically my mom finished it for me hehe) It sold too! Idk if I'll be making more of these however, because the pointy edges don't seem to adhere very well...
3. I finished this button/balloon toddler shirt. It hasn't sold yet. I'm hoping tomorrow is it's lucky day :-).
4. I've been working on these! They'll debut at the river market tomorrow afternoon. We'll have 3 and we're going to sell them for $12.00 to see how people respond. I'm pretty excited about them. They're made from safety pins :-).

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