Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nice day for a....

Walk in the park. There's a beautiful walking/biking trail literally down the street from my house. I should have taken a picture of it while I was out there today...but I didn't. Maybe tomorrow because I plan on going again. I had forgotten how much I used to like being outside. I lovelovelove being outside when it's hot and sunny. Call me crazy, but I don't mind sweating, I kind of enjoy it. I definitely enjoy it more than freezing to death in the winter. So today I grabbed Dorothy (my ipod) and my phone and we took a walk, about 1.5 miles. I think tomorrow I might even take a book and read for a bit before turning back. It's so much more fun to be outside than watching E! and Bravo all day lol

Since I didn't take any pictures for's the playlist I listened to today :-).

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And yes...that is a playlist full of songs with some form of the word walk in the title. haha because I'm a dork.

happy Thursday lovelies!

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