Monday, June 7, 2010

Reason #17...

Why I love my boyfriend :-)
He is totally deprived of any sense of dignity. I llllove that about him because he's totally unafraid to do things like this:
Isn't it ridiculous...he really looks like Russell Brand!! He's playing a Russell type character for the Variety show coming up this weekend. 
This was before we trimmed the beard and accessorized. He definitely has the crazy eyes down lol 
We went to Chili's like this and our waitress was a girl Josh asked out a while back. She turned him down...what was she thinking??!?

On an unrelated but equally important note, our day at the River Market was pretty good other than getting a kinda crappy spot and the fact that it was about a thousand degrees outside lol. I finished a hat before it got too hot. AND I finished my hot air balloon onsie   :-)
Nobody bought it though...sad because it's so cute!

I hope y'all had a great weekend! 

1 comment:

Mama Ventura said...

That onesie is so cute. I love the stitching.
Your boyfriend looks just like Russel Brand. That is awesome. I would ask him to go like that at least once a week :)