Monday, March 15, 2010

Because I Love You...

You absolutely MUST check out this giveaway from Lindsay!  It is so fabulous. ANNND I'm really excited because we happen to share a LOVE of pandas. She even has the cutest panda tattoo. I'm a little jealous.She's celebrating reaching 200 followers. So you should totally go be a follower and she'll soon reach 300 :-).

 So, you're welcome for giving you this awesome opportunity to win so really cute stuff and meet a really cute lady. :-) love you!



Lindsay said...

ahhhh this is soo awesome!!!! I love that you posted my tattoo!! I have a feeling we are going to be awesome pen pals and great friends :) Your awesome!!

Mama Ventura said...

Hi There!!!
I found your blog via the pen pal list from Kellie and so far I am loving it. I am very excited to become pen pals :)

Katie V.