Saturday, March 27, 2010

just chillin...

I mailed my pen pal letters yesterday...all but one. I promise that last one will be sent next week, probably Monday. I'm so excited to get back to Conway and check my mail.

I've been crafting with Mandy the last couple of days and we've been super productive :-). I made a sweet balloon button shirt and another special shirt for a friend hehe...I can't show pics though because she might see it.

I gave my recipe box a makeover :-). I'm going to put all my fav recipes in it and then I also want to make a cook book. So I can have all my favs in a book and a box. I'm excited.

Today we are picking up a washer for my house!! And we were going to move my bed up there...but it looks like rain so we probably will have to wait.

Sorry no pics...I have no camera at the moment :-(. Can't wait to craft with the ladies tonight!!!

p.s. on a completely unrelated note that may not interest any of's March Madness and my bracket is totally beating everyone right now. I still have all 4 of my final 4 teams!! :-)

Some people don't realize that I know a good deal about the game haha. My dad is freaking out because I totally out bracketed him. YAY for sweet surprises.

love you!


Lindsay said...

yay for finishing your pen pal letters! Hope you have a great weekend!

Cat said...

yay for new pen pals! :) and yay for out bracketing your dad LOL